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About Us

Swastha Ayurved is a group of Senior Ayurved practitioners who are highly qualified, experienced and passionate about holistic wellbeing for one and all.

We combine ancient knowledge of Ayurved, yog and traditional healing practices which have all sprouted from nature to offer the best and customized solutions to each person.

Holistic natural healing tends to body, mind and heart together. It requires dietary and lifestyle changes, yog practices and gentle herbal remedies. It is uniquely designed for each individual.

We provide solutions to the modern age diseases and problems through ancient knowledge through

  • Consultation face to face
  • Online consultation
  • Diet and lifestyle modification consultation
  • Panchakarma Therapies
  • Workshops for training in ayurvedic self care.

All medicines used at our clinic Om Ayurved Centre are either hand made from select high quality herbs, picked from forests and hand- processed or sourced from most standardized pharmacies.

Our Story: How we reached here

Ayurved, as I have experienced, is an art of heatlh awareness and well being. As all Indian traditional arts, self awareness is an integral part of Ayurved too. It is a huge ocean of knowledge pearls in which one has to dive deep with faith, devotion and courage (all three 100%).

The current knowledge of Ayurveda consists of three parts:

  • Sanskrit vedic texts, Ayurved samhitas like charak samhita, sushruta samhita, ect., the dictions written by global scholars of ancient times describing these samhitas in details
  • Ayurved which is practiced by vaidyas who learnt through traditional guru shishya parampara & by graduated vaidya learning from current Ayurved Education system
  • The practices which live in our Indian traditional culture like Foods, Festivals, etc. I , as a student of life and thus of Ayurveda (Ayurveda literally means knowledge – veda of life-ayu), understand it by integrating my experiences of Ayurved learning, vipassana and yog. Like every traditional subject all these are so much connected to life !

The basis of ayurved is on Panchamahabhoota and Tri-dosha – vata, pitta and kapha and Tri-guna – satva, raja, tamas like seven basic "sura" of music. These include everything. Their balance = well being; their imbalance = disease.

          The study of ayurved is the deep meditation (chintan, manan, dhyan) of the innumerable permutations and combinations of these three both inside of body and mind & in nature. It’s a science –cum- art to practice the understanding thus gained in a particular disease condition in a particular person having to consider all the other variables like prakruti-basic congenital tridosh build up of an individual; desh- the panchamahabhoot build up of the place one is born and brought up and is currently living; the season; age; timings; etc. The diagnosis, treatment, medicines, diet to cure a condition--It all becomes very customized personwise. The basic guidelining principals are mentioned in texts of Sanskrit verses but one has to continuously evolve all round to practice meaningfully. Also there are many difficulties, tough tests, defeciencies and downs on this path which a practitioner has to over-come to learn deeper meanings. The path is not the easy, shallow for the real persuiter.

As a person having lived the ayurvedic lifestyle at home from early age I respect its practice immensely for its ability to prevent diseases and establish optimum health physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. The purpose of Medicine is to make people and other beings able to do what the being is meant to in a lifetime without any hinderance and in full form. It is to make each one rich with key to personal health in one's own hand. The origin of Ayurved on earth says a lot about its purpose of loving kindness. It is our motive to

  • Learn, learn and keep learning all the aspects of ayurved till I can learn everything about it. I dream to travel to all the parts on India and the world to meet people practicing traditional medical wisdom.
  • Work hard for global public ayurved awareness. It seems like a calling to me.

Currently I am taking my baby steps towards these goals.

  • I am practicing at my mulund and thane clinics where I learn more from each patient. I have experienced that as my self awareness increases I am able to understand deeper the layers of occurring in human body and mind. Reading texts and modern medical material and discussions with colleagues a part of learning process. We attend senior Ayurvedic vaidyas' clinics, Lectures and make sure we never stop our deep learning process.
  • In my passion to see wonderful effects of Ayurved in improving life of people, I sometimes treat patiets absolutely free of cost but rewards come in many ways. I feel it is an offering to the ancient sages and my gurus who selflessly propagated and passed on this golden knowledge. To serve Ayurved and to serve humanity through the knowledge of Ayurved is my purpose and fulfillment.
  • We take free public awareness lectures and treatment camps and am currently taing an Ayurved learning public course. Here , we teach public the basics of natural living and many have benefitted from all over the world.
  • I am involved in Garbhasanskar teaching as a chief counselor where I educate to-be-moms, to-be-dads, to-be-grandparents on Ayurved, yog meditation, parenting- its mental, emotional, spiritual aspects and child development
  • It is joy to consult mothers, infants and children and see these young lives growing aware in self health at tender age. I conduct parental and group counseling sessions too. My work and people meant to work together are also finding me at appropriate points of time and it is unfolding very interestingly.

" Lots of love and best wishes for fulfilling our vision of a beautiful world, beautiful inside out! "

Dr. Dattatraya Kulkarni

B.A.M.S., M.D. Ayurved

Dr. Dattatraya A. Kulkarni is an experienced and highly qualified Ayurved Consultant practicing Ayurvedic medicine and Panchakarma since 16 years. He is Ex-Assistant Professor at K. G. Mittal P. Ayurvedic College and hospital where he worked as consultant and faculty for 11 years.

His specialty is Ayurvedic treatment regimen and Panchakarma kriya in Neurological and degenerative diseases like Osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s disease management, Spine health and skin diseases. He has a high success rate in treating patients with Diabetes and pre-diabetes as well. He practices high ethics of the medical profession and believes that service comes first in this noble profession.

He did his BAMS from the prestigious R A Podar Medical Ayurvedic College, Worli, Mumbai, and his MD in Ayurvedic Medicine from KGMittal P. Ayurvedic College and Hospital, Mumbai. He gained traditional Ayurvedic apprenticeship experience under various Ayurvedic Vaidyas. He runs Om Ayurved centre, an Ayurvedic consulting and Panchakarma centre at Thane west, Maharashtra, India along with his wife Dr. Harsha D. Kulkarni, BAMS, MD Ayu.


Dr. Harsha D. Kulkarni

M.D. Ayurved

Dr. Harsha D. Kulkarni is a senior Ayurvedic practitioner practising since 16 years. She learned Ayurveda as a passion towards the ancient Indian Medicine system and to spread positivity and assisting healing to humans all over the world. She accomplished her BAMS and later MD Kayachikitsa Degree from R A Podar Ayurvedic College, Worli, Mumbai.

She has done apprenticeship under Dr. Devchand gala Sir and many other Vaidyas to learn practical aspects of Ayurved practice

She is an experienced garbh sanskar counselor and a parenting coach.

Special interest : Treating Thyroid disorders, Female Infertility treatment, PCOD, Digestive disorders, Rheumatoid diseases, etc. She adds value to each interaction with patients by counseling and positivity.

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