Live season-wise: varsha rutucharya/ monsoon season and Ayurveda


Rutucharya* 🦚Varsha Rutu is approaching. 🌈 With pleasant sprays of first rains, earth will release aroma. Keeping fit and strong is important as this season is marked by low sun and environment changes causing low hunger and hence low immunity. 🌿Changing season will show its effects and the alternating heat and cold can give a boost to illnesses like fever, cough and cold if Rutucharya is not followed. 👉🏻To counter the outbreak of rainy diseases: 1. Avoid list: Leafy vegetables Raw juices/ salads/ chutney with leaves Refrigerated/frozen food Stale food Street food Non seasonal vegetables and fruits Overeating. Daytime sleep. Heavy, deep fried food milkshakes, ice creams, cold drinks. Keeping body /hair/ clothes wet for long. Applying mehendi/ cooling packs on palms or head. Over exertion/ heavy exercise. Taking on hot sunrays or cold wind for too long. Spicy food, acidic fruits, fermented food 2. Follow list: Semifasting Eating only when hungry. Eating freshly cooked, homemade food items. Eating well cooked seasonal veggies like parwal, tinda, creeper growing vegetables, kantola/kartula, karela, takla bhaji, etc Avoid heavy sabjis like potatoes, sweet potatoes, beetroot, root sabjis. Eating and drinking lukewarm food n drinks like soup. Drinking boiled and cooled water. Drinking mild herbal tea made of fresh Tulsi/ginger lemongrass/ pudina /ajwain seeds daily. Do restorative yoga poses Take care of back and spine posture. Wear light colors. Bath with warm water with neem kadha or neem ark. Eat lighter grains like jwari, rice Eat early dinner. First aid home remedies: 1. Fasting or Semifasting if you notice hunger is less. 2. Samshamani vati 2 tablets twice for adults as a precaution if you notice fever outbreaks in neighborhood. 3. Sudarshan kadha or vati in doctor recommended dose for feverishness/mild fever. 4. Soonth plus haldi powder mixed with jaggery for cough/soar throat. 5. Drink water boiled with sonth powder full day if stomach infection. 6. Take steam with ginger for cough cold. 7. Do dhoopan or Kapoor and ajwain dhoomadi in whole house daily. General recommendations based on Ayurvedic texts and clinical experience. Consulting your ayurvedic consultant is must before any medicine use.

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