Vyayam/Exercise wisdom from ayurveda


*Vyayam* Or *Exercise* according to Ayurved: *When and how much to do ?* Daily exercise has immense physical and mental benefits. Everyone from age 9 years onwards must exercise in a way suitable to him/ her. The type of asanas or exercise one should do daily will depend on the age, person s body type, daily routine, physical fitness, disease and even mental condition. Ayurved gives *'vyayam'* i.e. exercise a place in 'Dinacharya' i.e. daily routine must dos. When to do: ------+---------- 1. *Morning* after getting up, meditation and passing motions (and massaging body with oil in winter). It should be done in morning or at least in the first half of the day. In early evening , some light form like a simple walk and some asanas can be done. Exercise should be done *empty stomach* generally. When not to do : ------------------------- Never after meals. No heavy exercise should be done immediately after taking food. ( Shatpavali i.e. a slow walk after meal is only 100 steps walk) Not when ill. Not if you have indigestion. Not in extreme heat and rains. How much to do : --------------------------- That depends on individual condition. An old person should exercise moderately. A young and fit person should exercise till he sweats. A very fit person till she sweats on the *forehead* in *winters*. That duration will use up full stamina and stretch it a bit daily. A young and fit person should exercise *half* of that winter duration during *summer.* Happy exercising! Article based on Ayurved texts and patients' experiences. By Dr. Dattatraya Kulkarni, M.D. Ayurved Senior Ayurved consultant, Thane. 9324751713 WhatsApp to join Swastha Ayurved course and gift yourself strength of complete health !

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