Herbal tea for cough cold fever immunity


Boil 2 cups of water. Onve water starts boiling, add 6 to 8 tulasi leaves, 6 to 8 pudina or mint leaves, 2 long lemon grass keaves cut into small pieces, a small piece of ginger grated, 1 clove and a pinch of ajwain or carom seeds. Keep the lid and let water simmer for 2 minutes on low flame. Then switch off flame. Add 1 tsp organic jaggery. Keep the lid 10 minutes. Then stir well and filter. You may add a few drops of fresh lemon, a piece of giloy stem. You may add cinnamon stick or a few black pepper seeds in winters. This herbal tea is best had slightly warm. Sip on it slowly. This is the best age old remedy to cure cold , cough, fever, fatigue. While recovering from any illness this drink can be modified to suit the person's constitution and can be made diluted or strong as per particular condition.

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