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Periods/ Rutu kaal: A female is in rajaswala phase when menstruation happens. Lot can be said but in short, Ayurveda wisdom of Rajaswalacharya: Periods is not only a time of cleansing but also a time of new beginning. Your uterus, ovaries, pelvis renew itself and your mind is attached to that process. It is a time to take it slow and connect to yourself. First 48 to 72 hours are very important. These 2,3 days are for internal cleansing and renewing of female energy. Our body functions with a balance of all 5 elements. Vaat dosha or Air element can get aggravated or imbalanced if not taken proper care. Aggravated vaat dosha will reflect in pains, aches, leg cramps, mood changes, hormonal imbalances during the cycle and in the long run. To keep it balanced, use the 2 days time to refresh and recharge in the following way : 1. Use warm water for morning routine, gargles, to pour on feet✅ 2. No Anjan/eyewash, no nasya, no gandush/oil squishing , no Abhyanga or body massage, no exercise that is strenuous. Just relax. 3. As much possible, sit at a place and relax. Do minimum work for 2 days. Don't overuse any 1 sense e.g. watching screen. Can do knitting or hand work. ✅ 4. No traveling/ No sex/ No multitasking/ to avoid exertion. 5. No head bath or elaborate beauty routines. Avoid any elaborate beauty procedures/products. Body temperature changes during period cycle so Bath quickly with little water or sponge with warm water for essential cleaning. (Like you do in fever) 6. Can do DANTAMANJAN ✅ Meditation ✅ Simple work✅ Light slow walk after food.✅ Eat very simple, homecooked and light food like khichdi, daal rice, soups with ajwain, jeera, ghee as per your own hunger. Food that is rich in iron like Raagi soup with jaggery. Sherbat, warm water with ajwain/ginger can be taken. Mint, lemon jaggery drink can be taken. Non spicy food. Avoid food that is Deep fried, sugary, refined flour/ frozen food. 7. Taking day off. ✅ Relaxing with friends ✅ listening to music ✅ 8. Periods is one of the Vegas. Vega is a natural bodily urge like the rhythm of your heartbeat. So avoid taking medicines to interfere with normal period cycles. 9. No gym/exercises except only restorative poses can be done like shavasan, sleeping in supta baddhakonasan for 10 minutes. 10. No fasting. Stay nourished in the right way. Use these tips for 2,3 cycles, connect to your own body and follow what it demands and see the difference. Article written by Dr. Harsha D. Kulkarni, MD Ayurved, founder, Swastha Ayurved learning, for general public awareness. It is extracted from ancient Ayurvedic texts and traditions of different regions of India and written in context of today's lifestyle.

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