Ayurvedic remedies to counter summer heat


*Recipes to counter severe heat:* 1. *Jaggery water.* Soak 2 tsp natural jaggery in a glass of water overnight, filter in morning and sip on it. 2. *Lemon jaggery juice* Add fresh lemon juice in above jaggery water n drink. 3. *Khajur manth* Soak 2 dates in a glass of water overnight, crush them in water in morning, add a pinch cardamom n drink 4. *Gulkand coconut milkshake* with soaked sabja seeds. 5. *Raisin crush for constipation:* Soak 40 dry black raisins in a glass of water for 5 hours, crush and remove seeds. Drink. 6. *Coconut water* 7. *Kurmura water for nausea* Soak a cup of plain kurmura and a piece of khadi shakkar in a glass of water for half an hour, crush kurmura and filter that water to sip on 8. *Dhana hima for burning in urine* Soak 1 tablespoon dhaana - corriander seeds in 1 cup water overnight, filter and drink. 9. *Jeera water for acidity* Soak 1 tsp whole jeera in a cup of water or any amount in that proportion for 5-6 hours, filter and drink in place of normal water. 10. *Kokum sharbat* Drink traditional kokum sharbat. For cooling during hot days. 11. *Aam Panna* Traditional raw mango drink for protection from the heat. 12. *Variyali/ saunf water in heat* Soak 1 tsp sauf in a glass of water for 3 hours. Crush and add khadisakar and a pinch of white pepper powder. Also a few more things are helpful: 🌼 *Ayurveda to counter heat wave effects* : 1. Soak rose petals and sabja seeds in water add mishri and drink this water sip by sip. 2. Soak coriander seeds/dhaana/vitivera grass in water let it cool in a mud pot and sip on this water. Use clay pots/clay water bottles/ clay glasses. 3. Protect head from sun especially between 11am to 2 pm. Wear a white cap/white scarf. 4. Keep water in moonlight or in a silver vessel and drink in morning. 5. Apply a few drops of cow ghee in nabhi/ naval at bedtime. Massage foot soles with a few drops of cow ghee for 1 minute. 6. Avoid eating spicy and oily food. 7. Avoid fermented food and stale food. Dont eat food kept overnight. 8. Take 1 tsp gulkand daily. 9. Sprinkle/spray rose water on body after bath. Apply chandan paste on forehead and body. 10. Eat more of no cooking recipes on severely hot days like: poha/flakes soaked in milk, fruits, fruit juices, sharbat, gulkand milkshake, etc. 11. Take advantage of seasonal fruits to beat the heat: take kairi panna/ mango juice/ Jam/chikoo/tadgola/coconut water. 12. Wear light cotton loose clothes in whites or light shades. 13. Take bath twice a day. Soak your feet in a water filled bucket. 14. Exercise/ walk early morning or late evening but not close to bedtime/not post meal. 15. Take a 15 minute power nap in the afternoon before lunch/ post lunch after 2 hours. Stay Swastha! Article written by Dr. Harsha D. Kulkarni, MD Ayurved www.swasthaayurved.com Keep sipping...🍹

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