Conscious conception session for couples


Learn evolved planning with Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, special individual diet plans, herbs for couples before conception. Swastha matrutva workshops and sessions: Myself, Dr Harsha and a few other facilitators we conduct these programs together for couples: 1. *Conscious conception sessions include the following*: ­čî╝Ayurved insights on purification of body by Panchakarma, food and lifestyle changes; ­čî╝Yog asan and pranayam specific to conception; ­čî╝Medical advice from Ayurveda experts related to preparation for planning baby and for any problems in conception; ­čî╝Drawing analysis and therapy session for couples. 2. *Pregnancy Garbhasanskar sessions have following topics and activities*: ­čî╝Introduction to Garbhasanskar and baby talking session. ­čî╝Understanding baby development monthwise and knowing accepting changes in mother s body at different stages. ­čî╝Ayurvedic care during 9 months, special food items, recipes and herbs monthwise. ­čî╝Deep relaxation by yognidra; Meditation sessions. ­čî╝Trimester wise and individual diet advice ; ­čî╝Trimester wise yogasan practice and pranayam by yog teacher. ­čî╝Sessions on general Aharvidhi, Nutrition and baby food recipes. Nutritionist lecture. ­čî╝Sessions about labor, preparation in 9th month and post delivery sutika care, neonatal care as per Ayurved. ­čî╝Learning home remedies with simple herbs and kitchen spices for self and baby. ­čî╝Session on breastfeeding and neonatal health by expert. ­čî╝Art sessions with colors, mandala, movements by psychologist ART therapist. ­čî╝Session for husbands and family members to learn and understand supportive role conducted by Male doctors. ­čî╝ story telling, reading sessions, solving math riddles, puzzles, etc and extra sessions by guest lectures like dentists etc.

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