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Swastha Ayurved is a group of Senior Ayurved practitioners who are highly qualified, experienced and passionate about holistic wellbeing for one and all.

We combine ancient knowledge of Ayurved, yog and traditional healing practices which have all sprouted from nature to offer the best and customized solutions to each person.

Holistic natural healing tends to body, mind and heart together. It requires dietary and lifestyle changes, yog practices and gentle herbal remedies. It is uniquely designed for each individual.

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Dr. Dattatraya Kulkarni

B.A.M.S., M.D. Ayurved

Dr. Dattatraya A. Kulkarni is an experienced and highly qualified Ayurved Consultant practicing Ayurvedic medicine and Panchakarma since 16 years. He is Ex-Assistant Professor at K. G. Mittal P. Ayurvedic College and hospital where he worked as consultant and faculty for 11 years.

His specialty is Ayurvedic treatment regimen and Panchakarma kriya in Neurological and degenerative diseases like Osteoarthritis, Parkinson’s disease management, Spine health and skin diseases. He has a high success rate in treating patients with Diabetes and pre-diabetes as well. He practices high ethics of the medical profession and believes that service comes first in this noble profession.


Dr. Harsha D. Kulkarni

M.D. Ayurved

Dr. Harsha D. Kulkarni is a senior Ayurvedic practitioner practising since 14 years. She learned Ayurveda as a passion towards the ancient Indian Medicine system and to spread positivity and assisting healing to humans all over the world. She accomplished her BAMS and later MD Kayachikitsa Degree from R A Podar Ayurvedic College, Worli, Mumbai. She has done apprenticeship under Dr. Devchand gala Sir and many other Vaidyas to learn practical aspects of Ayurved practice

She is an experienced garbh sanskar counselor and a parenting coach. Special interest : Treating Thyroid disorders, Female Infertility treatment, PCOD, Digestive disorders, Rheumatoid diseases, etc. She adds value to each interaction with patients by counseling and positivity.

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Swastha Esteemed Team Members


Dr. Heema A. Nanavati

BAMS, Senior Ayurved practitioner, Aayu clinic, Kandivli west, Mumbai

Yoga teacher and yoga therapy practitioner With a deep understanding of Ayurved, yoga and multiple alternative healing practices, Dr. Heema gives her patients the best integrated treatment. Her special interest is in treating challenging cases of chronic and acute nature. Conducts sessions during Swastha Ayurved course for yoga, posture, mindfulness.


Dr. Priti Paras Sawla

BHMS, Diploma in Dietetics, Mumbai

12 yrs of Pediatrics experience. Conducts sessions of Breast Feeding counseling & Neonatal Care

Bhavini Shah

Mrs. Bhavini Jay Shah

M.A. psychology , Diplomat ART therapy

She runs Padma counseling services. As a psychologist she specializes in Counseling for children and adults . She conducts Group ART therapy sessions for Swastha matrutva Garbhasanskar course.


Our Mission

" To provide holistic enhancement of wellness and cure of illnesses through the knowledge of Ayurved. "

" The course is just superb and i am extremely extremely happy to have joined this course ...also i am grateful to all the 3 drs.who have taken out their precious time to build the awareness amongst the society ...the course has really helped us to get an insight of ayurveda ....the course has minutest of details about kitchen ingredients which we may not even think that it can help us in such beauti ful way and we feel its potential and magic only when we implement the kitchen ingredients as told and directed by our gurus .. The smile,the calmness ,the compassion that our gurus carries on their faces while teaching and answering our question is just fantabulous and it clearly shows that they practice aachaar ras in their own lives ... I am definitely implementing ayurved in my life in my home and i am definitely looking forward for many such courses from our three mentors .. Showing my gratitude to all three of you "

Harshita Shah, India

" Dr Harsha ben & Dr Dattatrey sir I would like to thank you for designing ths wonderful n very useful Ayurveda course. Ssrly u guys r awesome... Down to the earth Very polite n very passionate... U have given knowledge of life From understanding of dosha s prakruti s balance to understanding of behaviour balance Ths 20 days learning will now definately change my n my family members life.... Thank you thank you so much... Dr Heema mam Ur simply awesome Ur sukshma vyaam will definitely helpus to handle day to day pain U have shared such s detail information every time.. Thank you I am eagerly awaiting for advance course... "

Bhagyashree, India

" Yes, So many things! Swastha Ayurved course is for all those who want to stay swastha! This course is definitely a life transformer! The Ayurvedic practises learned here will enrich our bodies to not face any extreme health conditions in life as it teaches us prevention of diseases arising due to imbalances of doshas along with living optimally a healthy lifestyle! It gives me tremendous happiness to give my sincere gratitude to the most awesome, kind and compassionate Gurus who took every effort in igniting our minds! It was so amazing to see their patience, posture and radiance in every session without going dim even for one moment. My sincere respect to Dr. Harsha for giving me this platform to learn Ayurveda and it’s age old wisdom, to Dr. Heema who has remedy for every condition and also could correct the posture of every single student so accurately being it online and lastly to Dr. Dattatraya for imparting us enormous knowledge and answering every query of ours wholeheartedly! 🙏 Couldn’t be more grateful to the entire team who put this all together! I proudly can now say that “Ayurveda is my new lifestyle!”😊 Couldn’t go without thanking Jinal for incepting this idea and making us reap the benefits of it and my beloved friend Dr. Hetal who introduced me to the course and such wonderful Gurus! I would like to stay connected with every opportunity that I get to learn from this institute. "

Simky Shah, U.S.

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